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Are you interested in supporting our business while getting to learn a bit about the process of making maple syrup? Well then we have a great chance for you to visit the woods, learn a little, and adopt a tree. You can click here to sign up! If you are from out of the area and want to support us through adopting a tree, you can do that as well! We will ship you your products after tours take place (you will just need to pay any shipping costs) as well as send a video of your tree being tapped.

For NO CHARGE you (and your family) can adopt one of our trees this season. That is right, we are no longer charging for our adopt a tree program. Here is what you will get to do if you choose to join us:

1) Take a preseason tour while we are tapping and getting everything set up for the season.

2) Pick out one of our trees (during your preseason tour) from a section of the woods that is easy to get around. We will teach you how to tap a tree and you will be able to tap (or assist, whatever you feel comfortable with) in the tapping of your tree. You can also hang a sign on your tree (you need to make the sign) and take as many pictures as you want. We will get the most accurate GPS coordinates of your tree for you (that we are able to get) as well.

3) Take a tour on a weekend during the season and see the entire process working (and weather permitting) see syrup being made. While on this tour you will get to try many of our products, see how maple candy is made, and make any purchases that you would like to before you leave!

4) You get to pet Barnaby and Quincy (and possibly their Uncle Fudge the chocolate lab) as much as you want while you are visiting. We do have dog free tour times as well for those who would prefer that.

Any questions should be directed to Chad Flint through email at chadflint33@gmail.com.