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Here are details for how to find us for Maple Weekend in case you want to come check us out!

Our address is 3476 Hermitage Road, Warsaw, NY 14569 BUT if you are using GPS put in 3472 Hermitage Road instead because GPS tries to send you up our neighbors driveway and it does not actually link to our driveway. The driveway for 3472 is right next to our driveway, they are only separated by a line of trees. There will also be a sign by the road pointing you in the right direction

We will be open all 4 days of Maple Weekend (Saturday 3/16, Sunday 3/17, Saturday 3/23, and Sunday 3/24) from 10am to 4pm.

We will be giving tours, sampling many of our products, making cotton candy, and showing you how we do things. No matter how nice the weather is, we won't be boiling the entire time since a full boil for us is typically 3 hours maximum after the sap goes through the RO, but we will be boiling on and off throughout the day so you can see the evaporator working.

The driveway is about a half mile long and since the weather has been spring like for about a month, so it may be a little muddy although it is mostly dry now!

If you have any trouble or questions, TEXT 585-259-2968. My phone gets very sporadic voice service at the woods and if you call it is unlikely I will be able to hear you. I can always receive texts though.

Barnaby and Quincy are hoping to see you either this weekend (3/16 and 3/17) or next weekend (3/23 and 3/24).